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"At the center of our attention is always the patient, both his health and his physical and mental comfort. Together with my colleagues, we strive daily to offer each patient a positive, personalized experience, dedicating our professional expertise and the state-of-the-art technologies we have at our disposal. The moment I see the patient smiling happily for the first time in months or even years, I feel a great deal of professional satisfaction and motivation. The field of dentistry is advancing at a fast pace, and we are always concerned with professional development and the search for innovative solutions and technologies. ” - Geza Kiss-Lorincz, founder and dental implantologist
over 1500 Applied Implants
20 Employees
over 5000 Number of Patients
over 350 Years of Medical Experience

Our story

Geza Kiss-Lorincz - Fondator Clinica Stomatologica Platinum Dental Center

Our story began in 2005 when Dr. Geza Kiss-Lorincz opened his dental office. Over time ,we have Clinica stomatologica Platinum - Despre Noitreated thousands of patients with a growing team. We have continually invested in education and technology, and we have earned the trust of patients through quality care, seriousness, and respect we show to each patient.

In 2017 we started the construction of our dental center with integrated digital radiology out of the desire to offer Romanian and foreign patients premium quality services at European standards. In January 2020, we opened the Platinum Dental Center dental clinic, where we have the opportunity to treat highly complex cases , with a super-specialized medical team and state-of-the-art equipment. Platinum Dental Center is now a well-known dental center for its impeccable service, friendly staff and pleasant ambiance.

Our vision is to create a positive perception for the patient, regarding the dentist and the dental services, we are always trying to exceed the expectations of those who visit our clinic, through our enthusiasm and devotion, through empathy and professionalism, and of course through the highest quality services. . We are ready to successfully solve every problem related to dental health and we aim to become the number 1 choice for patients seeking excellence in the dental field in Cluj-Napoca and Romania.

What patients say about us

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At Platinum Dental Center we speak Romanian, Hungarian, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and German. Write to us with confidence!

    At Platinum Dental Center we offer a wide range of orthodontic solutions: mobile appliances, metal, ceramic, or sapphire fixed brackets, incognito appliances, or aligners. Following a consultation with one of our specialists, the patient chooses the optimal solution together with the doctor, depending on the functional and aesthetic needs of the patient.
    If the problem is aesthetic, dental veneers can provide a quick and beautiful solution.
    Regular check-ups are the most effective way to prevent cavities and periodontal disease. Its ideal frequency is once every 6 months. But if the patient has prosthetic work, implants, or periodontal disease, we recommend a visita dentist for sanitation every 3-4 months.
    You can leave this concern to us, we will call you to remind you.
    Fear is a natural feeling, and fears related to dentistry appear either due to unpleasant childhood experiences or are "inherited" from anxious parents.
    However, we take special care that the patient benefits from interventions without feeling any pain. For this, we choose from several types of anesthetics, drugs, or sedation techniques. We also use anxiety reduction techniques such as communication, relaxation, or distraction. Unfortunately, postponing the visit to the dentist results in aggravated problems and increased treatment costs.

    Dental implants are an effective and safe solution for most edentulous patients. Following a radiological and clinical consultation, you will decide with the implantologist the most appropriate treatment for you: the number and type of implants, the date of the intervention, and the steps to follow. You can choose from the number 1 implants in the world Nobel Biocare, the premium quality MegaGen or Modus.