Our story

Our story began in 2005 when doctor Geza Kiss-Lorincz opened his dental office. Over time, we have treated thousands of patients with an increasingly large team. We have continuously invested in education and technology and earned the trust of patients through quality care, seriousness and respect we show each patient.

In 2017, we started the construction of our dental center with integrated digital radiology out of the desire to offer Romanian and foreign patients premium quality services at European standardsWe opened Platinum Dental Center in January 2020, , where we have the opportunity to treat highly complex cases, with a specialized medical team and the latest generation equipment. Platinum Dental Center is currently a dental center recognized for its impeccable services, friendly staff and the pleasant atmosphere that awaits its patients.

Our vision is to create a positive perception for the patient, regarding the dentist and the dental services, we are always trying to exceed the expectations of those who visit our clinic, through our enthusiasm and devotion, through empathy and professionalism, and of course through the highest quality services. . We are ready to successfully solve every problem related to dental health and we aim to become the number 1 choice for patients seeking excellence in the dental field in Cluj-Napoca and Romania.

Geza Kiss-Lorincz - Fondator Clinica Stomatologica Platinum Dental Center
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Why do patients like coming to us?

We're different!  It would be easier for us to introduce our exceptional team and our state-of-the-art equipment, but we will let our patients tell the story of their experiences at the clinic. See their testimonials here!

  • We do everything possible to ensure that the treatment is pain free for each patient
  • Our biggest advantage is that we work with specialists with extensive training and experience, both in the country and abroad, making a multidisciplinary team, attentive to every detail
  • Our fees are not the lowest, but not the highest either, as we want to offer treatments at the highest standards at a fair price
  • Surgical interventions and implantology we do them on Fridays and only in the morning hours, when the focus of the medical staff is at it's peak, at the same time, giving the patient time to recover over the weekend.
  • We are always honest and transparent with our patients. We create a personalized treatment plan for each , and in terms of quality, we do not make any compromises
  • We provide the most extensive warranty in the dental field and we also provide online and telephone support.
  • We do everything to save every tooth, even the severely damaged one, because first of all, we are doctors with soul. This is probably what distinguishes us the most from others.

Why do we have higher fees than other dental offices?

  • We constantly invest in state-of-the-art equipment and training our doctors to the highest standards, thus offering the most modern treatments.
  • We use only the best quality, internationally certified materials, ensuring the efficiency of the dental treatment
  • We work with dental laboratories recognized and appreciated both nationally and internationally
  • We have strict hygiene and sterilization rules, using special equipment and materials, ensuring a sterile environment for performing interventions
  • We refuse compromises, which will inevitably lead to a decrease in quality

Why do we have lower fees than other dental offices?

  • Economic instability also affects us, but we still want to offer patients treatments at the right price
  • The costs of a treatment are transparent and they remain unchanged during the treatment

What motivates us?

We strive to be the best version of ourselves every day. We want our patients to be satisfied with us and the treatments they received, not only today, but also many years from now.

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What patients say about us

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Maria CoroianMaria Coroian
08:02 30 Jan 23
De ce nu am ajuns mai devreme la Platinum Dental Center ... Pe scurt Profesionalisti!Pana și copilul care în alta parte nu deschidea gurița, aici sta câte 30 min fără probleme. Am scapat de nopțile nedormite din cauza durerile dentare! Multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca exista astfel de medici dedicați și amabili! Le mulțumesc lor pentru răbdarea și profesionalismul de care dau dovada!
Andrei SirbAndrei Sirb
15:40 15 Dec 22
O locatie noua, usor accesibila si curata, ce gazduieste o echipa profesionista de medici. In cazul meu, este locul ce il revad de fiecare data cu drag si ce mi-a readus zambetul pe buze !Recomand cu incredere dar cel mai bine este sa va convingeti singuri !
Cristina ChelariuCristina Chelariu
13:21 24 Nov 22
Foarte mulțumită! Am fost cu bunicul meu la aceasta clinica, se comporta exemplar cu clienții de toate vârstele curățenie impecabila, amabilitate și promptitudine! recomand
Lorand SzaboLorand Szabo
15:49 21 Nov 22
E a doua clinică unde îl urmez pe dl. Dr.Kiss.Locație frumoasă (parcare mare), clădire modernă, spații prietenoase. Și ceea ce este și mai important: staff profesionist și amabil. Aparatură și tehnici dentare ultramoderne. Curaj! N-o să vă doare!
Istvan MoldovanIstvan Moldovan
14:35 17 Nov 22
Personal profesionist, amabil, atmosfera placuta, curatenie impecabila, locatie buna cu parcare pentru pacienti. Per total nota 10. Sunt foarte multumit, apelati cu incredere. Recomand!