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A dental implant is the most advanced treatment solution, that involves replacing one or more missing teeth, restoring their functionality and natural aesthetics in a proportion of 99%. We offer patients both Nobel Biocare implants, which are the best in the world and MegaGen implants, popular and more accessible to patients. Our doctors can successfully treat cases with high complexity, using innovative techniques and materials: PRF (autologous graft), bone grafts, collagen membranes, etc.

MEGAGEN Any Ridge Implant 650
Nobel Biocare Implant 900
Prosthetic abutment and ceramic-zirconium crown on MEGAGEN 650
Prosthetic abutment and ceramic-zirconium crown on NOBEL 750
MEGAGEN All-on-4 system including extractions, 4 implants, temporary work 3900
MEGAGEN All-on-6 system including extractions, 6 implants, temporary work 4400
Digital Surgical Guide 800
Overdenture 3400
Fixed prosthesis with staples on implants 4900
* The price list published is for informative purposes only

Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is a "must have" in the 21st century. It consists of modern interventions with quality materials that have an impeccable aesthetic and functional purpose. This branch of dentistry includes teeth whitening treatments, minimally invasive cosmetic restorations, dental veneers and procedures that aim to achieve a "Hollywood smile".

Integral ceramic veneer e-max 2200
Feldspatica ceramic non-prep veneer (Noritake, Japan) 2300
Professional bleaching with LASER 1300
SDI Radii Plus professional whitening with Opalessence gel 1000
Treatment for demineralized stains ICON/6 teeth 1100
Professional photo set 50
* The price list published is for informative purposes only


We offer our patients multiple treatment options for tooth reconstruction: veneers, crowns and dental bridges, total or partial dentures, skeletal prostheses, implant prostheses. The crowns and bridges are made of ceramic or zirconium-ceramic, so the color of the new teeth is identical to the natural ones. CAD / CAM technology allows us to make crowns in a very short time.

Ceramic zirconia crown (Germany) 2300
All-ceramic crown E-max 2100
Feldspatica all-ceramic crown 2200
Multilayer zirconium crown (Germany) 2100
Metal-ceramic crown waist vm13 950
Zirconium inlay / onlay 1200
Ceramic inlay / onlay 1100
Candulor cosmetic prosthesis (Switzerland) 4000
Skeletal prosthesis 4200
* The price list published is for informative purposes only

Dental Surgery

Surgery involves any operation that, for aesthetic or functional reasons, requires careful intervention on the root of the tooth and surrounding tissues.Our specialists in dental surgery can solve even the most complicated cases such as: maxillary cysts, sinus lift and bone augmentation procedure, apical granulomas, included wisdom teeth, periapical curettage and many more. Through a therapeutic approach based on atraumatic techniques and piezosurgery (piezotomes), we offer our patients maximum comfort and safety.

Monoradicular tooth extraction 250
Multiradicular tooth extraction 350
Wisdom tooth extraction 400
Wisdom tooth extraction (subgingival) 900
EthOss bone addition (incl. Materials) 2000
Small bone addition (incl. Materials) 2200
Medium bone addition (incl. Materials) 3200
Bone addition with autologous bone (Khoury technique) 5000
SinusLift open (incl. Membrane, bone) 5500
SinusLift closed (incl. Membrane, bone) 2500
SinusLift closed with autologous Versah bone 2700
Bone split piezoelectric with bone addition 2400
Simple gingivectomy / tooth 150
Membrane PRF 700
Implant removal 2000
Apical resection from 700
* The price list published is for informative purposes only


This specialization in dentistry deals with the correction of dentomaxillary anomalies: straightening the position of teeth, adjusting the occlusion (bite), and the ratios between the two jaws. We recommend this treatment to both children and adults to obtain an aesthetic and functional result. Following a specialist consultation, the doctor chooses together with the patient the optimal solution: mobile device, fixed device (metal brackets), ceramic or sapphire, invisible device, or aligners.

ICONIX fixed orthodontic appliance 4600
Sapphire fixed orthodontic appliance 5000
Fixed metal orthodontic appliance 3500
Mobile orthodontic appliance with plates 1450
SPARK Aligner 10 orthodontic appliance, one arch 1250
SPARK Aligner 20 orthodontic appliance, one arch 2000
SPARK Aligner Advanced orthodontic appliance, an arch 4000
SPARK Aligner Advanced orthodontic appliance, bimaxillary 5500
Fixed orthodontic appliance activation 150
Activation of mobilizable orthodontic appliance 100
Teleradiography analysis 150
Fixed contention 350
Gutter type contention 500
Gutters for bruxism 600
Orthodontic appliance removal + sanitation, one arch 200
Orthodontic miniimplant 800
Model study 150
* The price list published is for informative purposes only

Prophylaxis and Therapy

Dental prophylaxis, the first and most important stage of dental care, involves the prevention of dental diseases, and also the prevention of complications of pre-existing conditions. Maintaining a healthy long-term smile starts with daily dental hygiene at home, done correctly, to scheduled prevention visits every 6 months, removal of plaque and tartar, dental seals, professional fluoridation, and stopping the development of early caries.

Emergency consultation within 24 hours 170
Initial consultation, dental status 150
Recall consultation at 6 months 70
Bimaxillary ultrasonic descaling 170
Ultrasonic scaling + brushing + Aqua Care, one arcade 180
Inhalation anesthetics under supervision 650
Print, digital scan 250
Pain-free digital anesthesia 60
3D printed study model 300
Soothing dressing 110
* The price list published is for informative purposes only


Dentistry deals with the treatment of cavities, which are the most common affections of teeth. They are caused by poor hygiene or an unhealthy diet. The purpose of the fillings is to save and restore the damaged part of the tooth in order to restore its health and functionality. In case of large losses of dental tissue, we will have to resort to the restoration of the dental crown through a ceramic or composite inlay.

Front Tooth Composite Filling from 280
Side tooth composite filling from 220
Glassionomer filling with fluoride release 200
Temporary filling 70
Filling Fiberglass Reinforcement 250
Direct eugenate styling / ZOE 140
Direct MTA styling / Biodentine 180
Coafaj direct Theracal LC 130
* The price list published is for informative purposes only


Endodontic treatment is also known as canal treatment. The main purpose of this treatment is to save the tooth destroyed by deep caries, which has suffered infections or has been broken. The dental microscope represents the latest technology, thus offering the patient a precise intervention, a qualitative treatment with exceptional results, making the difference between the extraction or storage of the tooth.

Endodontic whitening 250
Endodontic treatment under a microscope, frontal teeth 500
Endodontic treatment under a microscope, premolars 550
Endodontic treatment under a microscope, molars 600
Three-dimensional root filling, frontal teeth 220
Three-dimensional root filling, premolars 280
Three-dimensional root filling, molars 330
Temporary filling with calcium hydroxide 120
Sealing with Bioceramic material 80
Perforation sealing with MTA 250
* The price list published is for informative purposes only


Periodontal diseases are one of the most common dental conditions globally and they can be identified by inflammation and redness of the gums, gingival retraction and even pain during chewing. This is one of the main causes of premature tooth loss. The periodontist will do his/her best to detect the symptoms and will carry out an adequate treatment according to the complexity of the case, in order to stop the evolution of the diseases.

Peri-implanted treatment with LASER 400
Guided tissue regeneration + Emdogain 0.15ml + Pref gel 1030
Subgingival curettage Closed (tooth) 180
Coronary elongation 450
Gingivoplasty 300
Free gingival graft 700
Splint Tooth Immobilization 450
Coronary displacement flap 800
Displaced coronary flap + conjunctival graft 1200
* The price list published is for informative purposes only


Dentistry for children includes prophylactic treatments (fluoridation, sealing, but also education in oral hygiene) because the prevention of caries is as important as their treatment. Our specialists treat young patients with a lot of empathy and patience, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Using advanced techniques and quality materials, we ensure a positive experience and healthy teething for children.

Ultrasonic descaling, brushing, Aqua Care pedo. 250
Temporary tooth extraction 130
Composite filling/ Twinky Star 200
Temporary tooth glassionomer filling 190
Temporary tooth sealing 150
Pedodontic composite crown 600
Trainer MYOBRACE 950
Endodontic treatment of baby teeth + canal filling 240
Fluoridate an arch 180
* The price list published is for informative purposes only


Dental radiography is essential for the dentist in making an accurate diagnosis. This investigation reveals details that are difficult to see in a simple consultation. Radiography is also the biggest prevention factor. It can help detect various affections in time, in order to apply the right treatment. The retroalveolar radiological apparatus and the digital CBCT, which we have in our clinic, are state-of-the-art devices with the enormous advantage of emitting up to 90% less radiation compared to classical radiology machines.

CBCT Bimaxilar 380
Segmented CBCT 50×50 130
Digital Retroalveolar Radiography 40
* The price list published is for informative purposes only

Laser Treatments

The dental laser represents the most modern innovation and technology, being designed to manage treatments in all areas of dentistry: endodontics, periodontology, soft tissue surgery, implantology, biostimulation, whitening and aesthetics. Laser treatments have many advantages: they are minimally invasive and highly precise, with reduced bleeding and inflammation, accelerates healing without complications and ensures pain-free treatments.

Tratament_1 Laser    –
Tratament_2 Laser    –
Tratament_3 Laser    –
* The price list published is for informative purposes only